J Martins - Fine Fine Love

Nigeria’s King of High Life beat, J Matyind released a single titled “Fine Fine Love” few weeks back which rocked the air waves.

Without wasting much time, he dropped the video which is a must watch and will keep you dancing and grooving to its unique dance style as J Martins showed in video. His dancers also killed this song with their body movements and from the looks on their faces; you can tell they enjoyed every bit of the song.

J Martins we remember did his traditional wedding 2 months back (2nd Jan) and we can’t help but wonder if this song is dedicated to his wife, Nzeri Diana Mbila.

This video was shot in Cote D’ Iviore and directed by Grand Poucet with Areel Groupe from Don Family Records.

Don’t be left out in this aura of entertainment.